Monday, July 23, 2007

Londolozi re-opens

In June Londolozi had the double celebration of the opening of Private Granite Suites and Tree Camp. The three spectacular Private Granite Suites and Tree Camp’s six suites reflect the sense of style and flair that earned Londolozi its international reputation. The camps, as the visible representation of all that Londolozi stand for, required not just exquisite attention to detail but also an approach that is essentially a manifestation of the Londolozi philosophy. A lifetime of care and effort has given Londolozi soul and presence which, being neither material nor tangible, cannot be easily explained. All the camps have a sense of place, which may only be disturbed with great care. To bulldoze the old and bring in the new would, in our view, destroy her intangible spirit. So, Londolozi crafted the improvements in each room with great care, treating each as a separate entity, subordinate to but inspired by the immediate natural surroundings and leaving the lightest possible footprint on the earth.

The now fully refurbished Londolozi awaits you!