Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The meaning of Conservation

We would like to share an excerpt out of Kobie Krugers book called ‘All Things Wild and Wonderful’ about her life as wife of a Kruger Park Game Ranger:“
Time and time again when I would think that I was alone I would hear a strange noise or sense a movement and discover that I was being watched. But one gets used to the idea of being watched. And in time the idea grows on one until it acquires a very comforting dimension. “ I am not alone. I am now a part of nature.” I wondered about city people about their stressful lives and their loneliness. I wondered if they still recognized within themselves the longing for wilderness and solitude, if they still remembered the soothing harmonies of nature, the repetitive refrains of the seasons and sunsets, the exhilaration of each new dawn the sweet delight of making the acquaintance of a wild creature. If they have forgotten this then they might think of conservation merely as a necessary exercise to preserve the planets finite resources and to prevent our eventual extinction. And the whole effort would seem such a joyless one.
But if they remember then they will know that conservation is also about preserving the magic that nourishes our souls, a cause therefore that also holds a promise of joy.”