Friday, December 14, 2007

Travel Insurance Tips.

  1. Ensure medical coverage and emergency medical evacuation insurance are included in the travel insurance policy.
  2. Insure against the unexpected. Trip cancellation insurance will pay for any non-refundable travel costs.
  3. Shop around to get the travel insurance policy that best fits your needs.
  4. Don’t just compare the prices of travel insurance policies, also compare the benefits of the cover, what it excludes and product features.
  5. Keep the international helpline number and a copy of the policy with you at all times.
    Check what the reimbursement terms are.
  6. Does the insurance require you to pay upfront for medical bills then reimburse them, or does the policy kick in immediately?
  7. When deciding on a policy make sure you know what activities it doesn’t cover, e.g. certain sports.
  8. Ensure you understand what you can expect in terms of reimbursement. In particular, look out for the maximum amount you can claim on individual items.
  9. Check whether you are covered for loss as well as theft.
  10. Keep records (receipts) of any expensive items you are planning to take with you, e.g. cameras, expensive jewellery, etc.
  11. Report all theft or loss quickly. You should report any lost or stolen goods immediately to the local police, hotel management and travel representative. If a bag is lost or stolen at the airport, report it immediately get a receipt from the airline or baggage handler.
    Natalia Thompson TNW