Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Changes in yellow fever policy

The Department of Health has informed the South African Society of Travel Medicine that as of October 1, all travellers from Zambia will be required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination (unless in possession of a valid waiver certificate). Travellers transiting airports in countries with risk of yellow fever transmission will also be required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination, regardless of the amount of time spent at the airport.

All travellers from yellow fever risk countries who are unable to produce a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate at the port of entry will either be refused entry or quarantined until their certificate becomes valid, or for a period of not more than six days. Those with an exemption certificate due to medical reasons will be allowed entry and required to report any fever or other symptoms to the health authorities and be placed under surveillance.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guided Photographic Safaris

Wild Frontiers have teamed up with Etienne Oosthuizen, who is a Professional Photographic Guide, and has put together a range of workshops and safaris to suit all levels of photographic skills, with a choice of interesting destinations and photographic subjects. View Etienne's photographic portfolio here

We are approaching our Photographic Safaris a little differently to some other companies, offering safaris suited to guests' existing photographic skills, as well as having a selection of subjects. We have three different 'levels' available for small group tours on selected dates, but will of course tailor-make anything for private groups.

Wildlife Photography Workshops.These workshops area geared towards the nature lover who wants to be introduced to the world of Wildlife photography, They are designed to improve the quality of the beginners holiday snapshots to beautiful wildlife images. They differ from our Local workshops in that the lecture times are completely informal and will be held between the morning and afternoon activities under a shady tree or back in the luxury of camp. The lectures or presentations will be focused on photography in the field and important skills and techniques to photograph under African conditions.

Photographic Safaris.
This 'intermediate' safari is for the photographic enthusiast that wants to further their skills as a wildlife photographer. The safari is structured to be all about photography and lots of it, with plenty of hours spent in the field to develop the skills of a wildlife photographer. With destinations chosen for their prime game viewing and photographic opportunities. The key part of these safaris is the evening show and tell sessions with the groups photographs, which is an ideal time to relax and chat amongst the group about their photographs and receive some constructive criticism from the guides.

Photographic Expeditions.
The Ultimate photographic experience that Africa can provide. We will take you to specific destinations at specific times to capture the spectacular moments in nature that only come around a certain times of the year. These safaris caters for the photographers that want to be at the right place at the right time to photograph his chosen subject with no compromise. During the planning phases, we will advise on correct equipment, assist with hiring of equipment as needed, and put you in touch with reputable companies for Basic Photographic Workshops if you live in SA, and you want to improve your technical skills before you head on safari.

We are also available for Professional Photographers to assist with ground handling, and planning itineraries, doing bookings etc.
If you are interested in this exciting new venture, please contact Glen at